We were the first to supply propane to eastern Fire Island. It all started back in the early 1950's when Clarence LaFountaine would deliver propane to Davis Park via his clam boat to the few summer beach shacks. As the communities grew, so did the need for propane. Propane is the fuel of choice on Fire Island. It is clean, efficient and with years of training, the staff at C. F. LaFountaine can supply you with the safest propane delivery and service. We are all C. E. T. P. and GasCheck certified, and have attended many hours of training. We check your tanks weekly and deliver when needed. We also exchange your empty BBQ cylinders for a full one. To learn more about propane, visit either www.usepropane.com or www.propanecouncil.org .



  • Residential Propane

  • Commerical Propane

  • 20# BBQ Tanks

  • Appliances

  • HVAC

  • Pool/Spa Heaters

  • Fireplace Logs

  • Mosquito Magnets